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The black ball is the stairway to hell, GANTZ the movie

April 8, 2011 6 comments

I was a bit busy these day, but I finally managed to watch a Japanese movie, the first story of GANTZ.

Kei Kurono, a Japanese common man, just thought he collided with a train and died. Thanks to his old friend, Masaru Katou, he jumped down from the plathome and helped Masaru carry a drunk. Sadly, they didn’t make it. However, Kei saw yourself sitting in a room and he found a large black ball in front of him.
‘This is called GANTZ.’
With a boy’s words, Kei and Masaru didn’t even realize what happnened to them and what was going on. Suddenly, the music that most of Japanese were familiar with had just started, and the surface of the black ball started saying something unbelievable; you were already dead, were given a new life, and had to kill aliens that he(GANTZ) indicated. After the short and imcomplete instructions, all these present in the room were transferred from the room to an unknown place, somewhere in Japan. It didn’t mean they were released, just they were deployed to hunt.
Like a realistice dream, Kei just woke up in his own room. His dream, which just ended when he returned to the room after fighting with aliens, was NOT a dream. It was real. The fighting suit gave him strength, toughness, and agility. Kei Kurono was no longer an ordinary man. He became a hero. However, a series of the mission that GANTZ gave him didn’t allow him to have such a narcissistic feeling.

It’s been a long time for me to watch a Japanese movie. The previous movie that I watched was ‘Crying Out Love In the Center of the World’ in 2004. This live-action movie, GANTZ, is originated from a famous comic in Japan. The second story is going to be released this month.

You can easily imagine the series of MATRIX from the plots of GANTZ. The human beings are to machineries for MATRIX what they are to aliens for GANTZ. It’s natural to make movie scripts different from the original ones. Kei Kurono, the main character, was a college student who has job hunting in the movie, but he was originally a high school student. Anyway, the movie itself was interesting. I’ll watch the second one.

Incidentally, Kenichi Matsuyama, he acted as Masaru Katou in the movie. His fans often call him “MATSUKEN” for short.

Kenichi Matsuyama

Be careful with spelling when mailing. I just mailed one female friend who loves Kenichi Matsuyama. I just spelled his name like this;
I just spelled it with only katakana.

She mailed me back with a bit anger. She said, ‘It’s Ken Matsudaira’s nickname, not Kenichi Matsuyama! You must spell his name like this when you want to indicate Kenichi Matsuyama!’

Ken Matsudaira, he is a great actor.

Let me say that again; be careful with spelling someone special.

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