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Every little thing in my ordinary life 50

In Kagoshima
A few days have just passed since I got to Kagoshima for business trip.  Things that I’m required to do here are far from what I have been doing in Aichi prefecture, though, they look exciting and worth trying.  While I was working, I took several photos of Kagoshima.  I’m not able to upload them in this blog or on my Facebook through my iPad for now because I just don’t know how.  I’ll do it when I’m home.

Miss taking a bath
The bath in the room that I’ve been staying is so small that it is only used for taking a shower.  I miss taking a bath.  I want to dive into a bathtub and get my body embraced by hot water.  I will sigh with a relief as if most Japanese old men said as they immerse their bodies in a bathtub.  

Good stories for ‘Funny dreams’
It’s been a long time for me to have a funny dream for a category of this blog: Funny dreams.  I’m wondering if I’ll be able to post it this week.

Proofreading my essay
Thanks to my iPad, I’ve finished making an essay for a session held on Saturday.  I hope I will manage to have a time to proofread it tomorrow.

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