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Every little thing in my ordinary life 54

December 3, 2011 5 comments

It’s been a long time!
I hope readers who used to frequent this blog still remember me 😦 It’s been a long time, guys. How have you all been doing? Me, my typical works, our new business, attending as an interpreter, a RAKUGO recital in Sep., playing a new computer game, an English exam, illnesses, a bunch of things continuously happened to me. I think it would be an good time to write an article here.

Our new business just kicked off
I’m not sure if I informed you of the exact day on which we started our new business. We have already done, actually. What we have been trying in Kagoshima(the prefecture where we do our new business) is definitely different from what we have done before. Totally new experiences have been bothering me, though, I have really been feeling I’m now in growth as a business person. I’ll let you know what happened to us in Kagoshima in another article, someday.

A RAKUGO recital went well
Last September, I had a RAKUGO recital in Tokyo. Personally speaking, it went well.

I, this time, played a drama about a love affair between a wife and a sales person, which was the title named ‘kami-ire(wallet)’.

The story is a comical one, like this. A wife just sent a love letter to a sales person who regularly visited her husband. The sales person didn’t think it was a good thing, but he came to see her as she demanded at a night the husband was away. The wife insisted to do the THING with him, but he tried to refuse it. With women’s wise technique, the wife had finally reached for the top of the mountain of him(lol) in one way or another. The bad sign, however, just appeared right after the right time. The husband just came back home at the right moment the wife and the sales person were about to become one. The sales person had a narrow escape and went back his home unwitnessed. But he noticed he left his wallet behind the wife’s bedroom. What was worse, he still kept the love letter the wife wrote in his wallet. What if the husband found the wallet and read the letter?

One of the most famous and prominent RAKUGO storytellers, Kokontei Shinchoh, also played this drama. I do like him. That’s the reason why I decided to try this play.

The RAKUGO teacher just gave me a DVD of the recital. I must say ‘thanks to my natural loud voice’. I could hardly hear what some of storytellers in the DVD were saying. Their voices were too small and inaudible!

My next stage is going to be held in March. I’m now getting on a new play.

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