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Something scary is hiding in the dark

December 10, 2011 3 comments

I’ve been busy working since last August, however, I become occasionally allowed to obtain a relaxed time. Playing computer games is one of my favorite pastimes. I’m sure you already know it because I uploaded several footages in which I was playing some computer games. I bought a new game at Akihabara in last September. That’s what one of my favorite ball-by-ball player on Nico Nico Douga(one of online broadcasting program like YouTube) played and broadcasted. I actually knew what the ending of the game was going on, though, I just felt like playing it.

DEAD SPACE is the one.

This game was launched in 2008. The descriptions in the game were so terrible and grotesque that it was not allowed to be sold in Japan. You can obtain only the imported one. Of course it’s not the one translated in Japanese.

Here’s the outline. In 25th century, people were out of the earth in order to gather materials that were already run out there. One day in 2508, distress signals of SOS from a huge mining ship ‘USG ISHIMURA’ were gave out. USG Kellion, a ship, was sent in order to research and solve the problems. Isaac Clarke, who was an engineer to USG Kellion, was in worry watching a footage from his ex-girlfriend, Nicole, who worked in ISHIMURA. USG Kellion had hardly docked with USG ISHIMURA when an explosion took place on USG Kellion. Isaac and other crews had a narrow escape from the explosion and landed ISHIMURA. There was no hint in ISHIMURA that any crews of ISHIMURA existed on the ship. Instead, something terrible was waiting for Isaac.

The word ISHIMURA is totaly a Japanese word. You can see several chinese characters in the game. The development staff of this game are said to have respect for a prominent game: Biohazard(Resident Evil). Also, the atmosphere in the game is so similar to those of the movie ‘Alien’ or ‘The Thing’.

As I wrote above, I know what the ending is going on, but my heart can’t help pounding with fear. It’s a very interesting game.

I’ve been trying to record my plays and upload them on YouTube. I’m so glad if you enjoy them.

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