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The theatrical company is certain to lead you to an extraordinary world

Let me show you an interesting place in Roppongi, Tokyo, which I went to last month.

Roppongi Kaguwa
Roppongi Kaguwa in English

It’s not only a restaurant but also a kind of a theater, in which the atmosphere of the Meiji and Taisho era is said to be deeply reflected. The website said so. I thought the restaurant exuded that of the Edo era, though.

The reason I picked up the word ‘theater’ is because you can enjoy some period drama held in the hall at the restaurant. The theatrical company at the restaurant regularly offer a new drama. The drama that the company has been showing this year, the 12th one in this season, features the story of Shiro Amakusa, the leader of Shimabara Rebellion in 1637 during the Edo era.

One of notable characteristics is the stage setting. The floor is divided into several parts and the parts of the floor are lifeted up and down according to the scenes of the drama. With the useful function, the director can arrange the stage in a large number of ways such as a stairway on which a feudal lord is strutting down, a bank at which a man is whispering something romantic to his love, and a field on which warriors are fighting.

Another unusual point about this theater is the actors/actresses. How could I say? Transgendered people? They are also the members of the theatrical company. Gorgeous, voluptuous, curvaceous, these adjectives to express them just sprung up in my mind while I was watching the show. All the performers came up to guests’ seats and thanked spectators for watching after the show. I had a bit of difficulty figuring out who were male/female because each of them had a mysterious but attractive atmosphere.

I’d like to complain about two things: the quality of the sound and the food. The sound was so cracked and distorted that I could hardly understand some of the words that the narrator said. As for the food, the restaurant should do something to improve. I know it’s difficult for the waiters/waitresses to serve the dishes without disturbing the customers during the show. However, the meal was a bit cold like a packed lunch at convenient stores.

I’d like to visit the restaurant again and have a wonderful time again.

I was allowed to take some photos after the show and upload them.

Hibiki Iijima(second from right) was so cool. If I were a woman, I would do anything for him lol

She’s Koharu. My favorite.

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