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Osu Vol.2 -a town of particular cultures-

I was going to write a journal about Buddhist objects; however, before the journal, let me introduce an intriguing aspect of Osu: particular cultures that particular people get into.

Osu has a famous retailer which carries mangas and related goods, MANDARAKE. You must get surprised at the staff members in animation costume right after you enter the building. After becoming startled at them, thousand of comics, which include valuable ones published long time ago, welcome you at the first floor. Glitzy costumes or wigs are displayed and attract you at the upper floor. Some people show respect for animation characters by copying them.

I obtained a footage in which a girl completely copied a character at a game. Let me show you the footage.

Osu has been a promoter to the big event for almost ten years: World Cosplay Summit. You can enjoy a lot of cosplay lovers coming from a lot of countries.
World Cosplay Summit 2012

You can see a lot of photos of voice actresses on another floor. Voice acters/actresses are one of the most crucial parts for Japanese animations. Some people love not only animations themselves but also voice acters/actresses. The enchanting voices of the acters/actresses make the people crazy.

Personally, I like Sawashiro Miyuki.

Mizuki Nana should be one of famous voice actresses who has recently succeeded in penetrating the general citizens in Japan. She has stood on the stage of Kouhaku utagassen(Red and White Singing Contest: a year-end live TV program at which famous singers show their song) for the fouth consecutive years.

A lot of talented people gather Osu and show you their works. Some people launch their own business in Osu, and others draw their mangas and publish them. So-called Doujinshi, self-published magazines, cover a variety of genres such as ‘boys love’ or so. Some famous manga authors are said to have worked on the Doujinshi activities.

Osu also has a peculiar side, which might draw attention of some people. A coined term moe might suit on only a few places: Akihabara, Osu, and Nipponbashi. moe, I’m not sure if this definition would be correct, means ‘to get silently excited at something peculiar you love’. Maid cafe is one of the characteristic cultures. Maid cafe is totally not a common cafe. With the word ‘welcome home’, maid staff members will take you to the seat in the cafe and serve some food or drink you. The maid chant lovely phrases ‘oishikuna-re‘(literally, ‘become delicious’) in front of customers when they bring dishes or drinks for the customers.

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take some photos of the maids at the cafe I visited a few days ago. I’ll show you sample photos from the Internet.

Osu is the place in which some talents like AKB48 were born. OS☆U, Osu Super idol Unit was born in Osu a few years ago. I haven’t gone to its concert. Let me guess: I think they should try their best to keep carrying a tune.

Let me show some photos I took at Osu.

Maid-like staff members will clean your ears. Some people must feel ‘moe‘ with their heads on the staff members’ lap. I haven’t have such an eccentric time yet.

Osu is otherwise famous for electronics quarter.

No one can take over Osu in advanced technology. You know, the headquarter of the prominent company in robot industry is located in Osu. The company supply us with high-advanced humanoids ‘T-series'(terminators).
Sorry, I’m just kidding. Actually, it is a hair salon. But the guests must say the phrase ‘I’ll be back’ when they get out of the salon. I’m so sorry for another silly joke.
*We have another company with the name SYBERDYNE in Ibaraki prefecture, which specilizes in Cybernics.

Osu has a lot of characteristic sides.

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