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Dual monitors provide me with a soothing air

I wrote an article about my room before, at which I installed a monitor stand and an iPad holder on my desk. I got new stuff on the desk this time: another monitor stand and another monitor.

I’ve been thinking that I have so many tasks, such as writing journals, gaming, and watching films, at the desk. One monitor of the computer seemed too small to deal with the tasks. I came up with an idea: the use of an extra monitor that I hadn’t used for a long time. I, therefore, bought another monitor stand initially, and then, I installed another monitor.

Here, it is.
Hey, guys in Japan, can you tell who is singing on the monitor? The young Fujii Fumiya at THE CHECKERS.

You know, I am a computer game player. One idea sprung up from my mind; what if I boost a computer game? I just started with playing ‘LEFT 4 DEAD 2’.

Two monitors went like this:

Hmm, it appears I have no problems. Nice surpirse. Two friends, who are also computer game players, saw me online and invited me to play ‘LEFT 4 DEAD 2’ with them. It’s been a long time for me to play the game. My aiming ability had already become disastrous. I had a wonderful time with my friends, though.

I’m typing this article on one monitor with the other monitor screening a movie. Very comfortable. The next step is to get a steel rack, Luminous.

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