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Funny Dreams Chapter 10…”Why didn’t you tell me?”

August 19, 2010 2 comments

(These articles in this category are just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)

H.P. and his friend were at ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila city, in the Philippines. He and his friend came to see their friend, with whom H.P. often chatted on the Internet.

Something had changed. There was no hint of her after the right time had come. Instead, People, like photographers or journalists gathered in front of the entrance of the airport. “What happens?” H.P. asked a journalist holding a pen and memos. “The president is coming back.” the journalist said. That’s why the entrance was swamped with many people. The voices of journalists signaled the president coming.

“W…what???” H.P. felt his heart pounding and rising up from his mouth. The woman striding across the journalists was his friend.

“Hey! It’s me! H.P.! Hey!” H.P.’s shout was blended with other journalists’ ones. The President was escorted by SP and got in a car without any glance at H.P. “Excuse me. Could you tell me the president’s schedule?” H.P. panted and asked a journalist as if he finished running. “She is going to go to educational facilities to check the current education system.” asked the journalist. “Let’s get there!” H.P. said to his friend and headed for the facilities.

There were already many people around the facilities. Many security guards surrounded the premises with machine guns in their hands. They kept gazing people, including H.P. and his friend, like they would shoot if anyone stepped inside.

A black, large car had come in front of the facilities after the military truck. Once the door of the car was open, the shutter tones rang and covered the president and her staff. “Hey, can you hear me? It’s H.P.! I came here to see you! Why didn’t you tell me you are the president?” H.P. shouted again and again even though he knew his voice could not reach her.

One of journalists chuckled ironically and said, “Hey, buddy, you haven’t known who she is? Oh, come on, no ways to check news on the Internet or something? You’re living in the deserted island or somewhere?”

The funny dream was just finished with his laughing.

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Funny Dreams Chapter 9…”Two sticks sticked to her like a nightmare”

May 6, 2010 5 comments

(These articles in this category are just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)

– Prologue –

I have a friend who lives in Canada. She also gives English lessons to me on the Internet. “R” pronunciation, which is the advice she often indicates to me, is my recent theme. lol

It’s been a long time since I wrote an article in this category. This time, I’ll introduce a dream in which she got trouble with…chopsticks.
Read more…

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Funny Dreams Chapter 8…”The mayor on the Harley”

February 27, 2010 9 comments

(These articles in this category are just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)


Takashi Kawamura, the mayor of Nagoya, is famous for his political policies and his speaking style. Nagoya ben, a Nagoya accent, is his style. For example, you can say takusan(means “a lot of” or “many”) in Japanese. The word turns into gyo-san in the Nagoya accent. He treats himself as a sales person of Nagoya and let people know Nagoya deeply by using the Nagoya accent. Strictly speaking, his accent is not the original Nagoya accent, but a combination of Chita and Mikawa, the regions around Nagoya city.

This time, I got a dream in which Takashi Kawamura acted my superior. Suprisingly, he was not the mayor in my dream. He was…a detective.

– The Funny Dream –

H.P. was sitting on a chair and getting on making documents. The Police station, where he worked, was so jammed because of many arrested criminals.

“Hey, H.P.! There is nothing you can do in such a place! All detectives must go outside and check sites. Only the scene of crimes can indicate us to the goal.” patting H.P. on his shoulder, one middle-aged guy told H.P. It was Takashi Kawamura. “I have something important to do. Our boss is waiting for this report.” said H.P. “Forget about it! Let’s go!” Takashi Kawamura insisted to go out and pulled H.P.’s neck.

“How could he do that?”, was H.P.’s first phrase in a police car. Gripping the car’s wheel, H.P. kept moaning. There was no one sitting on the passenger’s seat. “Look at Beverly Hills Cop! Axel Foley always sits on the passenger’s seat and Billy always drives, right? I got it. He thinks himself he is Taka or someone. Then, am I Yu-ji?” said H.P.

*Taka and Yu-ji are characters in a famous TV drama in 80’s of Japan, Abunai deka(means “dangerous cop”) Taka and Yu-ji acted sophistecated cops in the drama. The phrase, “kankei nai ne(means “I don’t care”) by Yu-ji, is one of famous phrases in the drama.

Moaning such words, H.P. kept gazing one guy riding on a Harley-Davidson. That was Takashi Kawamura. In addition, he was driving his Harley without a helmet. “Hey, you’re a cop, aren’t you?” his behavior was beyond H.P.’s understanding.

Takashi Kawamura‘s Harley suddenly turned right and stopped in front of a building. “koko dagya(means “That’s it” in the Nagoya accent)” he stood in the right front of the door and nearly kicked it. “Hey, what are you doing?! We have no warrant!” H.P. stopped him doing and shouted. “eegaya kanke-negaya!(means, “Don’t worry. I don’t care”) said Takashi Kawamura. “I do care!” cried H.P.

At the right time Takashi Kawamura tried to kick the door, unknown men who put black suits suddenly gathered like “Agent Smith in the movie, Matrix” and took Takashi Kawamura out. One of unknown agents said to H.P. “I am from the Nagoya city office. We’ll take him and get him back to his original duties.” He bowed and walked away from H.P.

It was…a funny…and strange dream…

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Funny Dreams Chapter 7…”Eye of The Tiger”

February 25, 2010 4 comments

(These articles in this category are just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)


Celebrations of lunar year were held at many places last week. The Chinese zodiac this year is tiger. I had a funny dream about a white tiger.

– The Funny Dream –

H.P. woke up in a jungle. Thick and hot air in the jungle made him irritated and nervous. He didn’t know why he was there, and where he was. He got up and wandered the jungle to find a clearing. Something was gazing him, he felt. Two glittering things. That was animal’s eyes. H.P. felt scared and tried to find something for arms, but it was too late. He found it was a white tiger. He felt himself was going to die. Coming out from the bush, the white tiger kept gazing him. With the eyes of the tiger, he couldn’t move at all. The tiger was closer and closer. H.P. closed his eyes but instead of death, a kiss was the first thing the tiger gave to him. Opening his eyes, he saw the tiger doing like a cat or a dog, which leaned the body toward H.P. It was the female tiger.

The tiger brought some foods for H.P. and took him springs. Her behaviors were totally like a woman. H.P. at first thought he became her feed, but she seemed she was not supposed to do.

One day, he finally got a route for a village. H.P. tried to say good bye to the tiger and left her but she wouldn’t part from him. She kept following him. H.P. wondered how people would feel when they found the tiger. What if they feel so scared they try to kill her? That was what he was thinking.

An elder woman was the first person who H.P. saw at the village. “Hello? I don’t know why I am, but I’m lost…” said H.P. Some voices groaning behind H.P. It was the tiger’s. The female person ran away from H.P. once she heard the voice. “Hey, don’t do that. What makes you do that?” saying to the tiger, H.P. was back to the tiger. The tiger’s face had turned glad and calm. “You’re totally like a lady in love being jealous.” said H.P.

Time went by. Finally, H.P. got a chance to get back to home. Most of villagers already realized the tiger was not that dangerous and treated her as a parter to H.P. Waiting for the ship at the harbor, H.P. and the white tiger sit side by side. The tiger exactly couldn’t speak any languages, but she always understood what H.P. talked. Her eyes was shining like the ones which H.P. met at the first time in the forest, but somehow look lonely. The ship had come and H.P. got abroad. “Sorry, you can’t come with me.” said H.P. A bunch of tears sprung from the tiger’s eyes and dropped. “I’ll be back…someday…” said he, waving his hand from the ship to her.

Her cry kept going until H.P. was gone.

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Funny Dreams Chapter 6…”Wrath of God”

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

(These articles in this category are just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)


We have one English test called ‘TOEIC S/W’ in Japan. TOEIC, Test of English for International Communication, is a very famous test in Japan. You can check your English reading and listening knowledge in the test. TOEIC S/W, on the contrary, is the test for speaking and writing. Like TOEFL ibt, you have to sit before a computer, reply for the questions with your voice or by typing. The test has 200 points for each speaking part and writing part. I took the test 2 weeks ago and haven’t gotten the result of it yet. I guess I would get 100 points for each part.

– The Funny Dream –

H.P. was in an apartment where his ex-girlfriend lived. He woke up and saw her sleeping in the bed. He slid out off the bed so as not to disturb her sleep. Preparing for coffee, he made his way to the post at the door. He knew he could get the result of one test called ‘TOEIC S/W’, which he took a few weeks ago. He guessed he got 100 points for each part.

There was an envelope in the post. He found it said the result notice from the institute of the test. He couldn’t help opening up it. His heart was so pounding that he felt as if his heart would have risen up from his mouth. It said he got 130 points for speaking and 160 points for writing.

He didn’t know why, but he felt something unsatisfied. Ofcourse he knew he accomplished the target he thought before. ‘Ummmm…’, mumbling something, he walked around the room looking the result in his hand. He didn’t know what he was thinking and trying when he looked back what he did at that time. He grabbed an oil-based marker pen and started writing the points he got on the window. ‘Ummm…I got 130 points for speaking, 160 points for writing. How should I do next, then? To get more chances to talk with someone in English? To polish up my pronunciations in somewhere? Ummm…’ H.P. stood before the window and was gazing the number on the window.

‘What the hell are you doing????!!!!’ The thunderous shout hit H.P.’s head from his back. It was his ex-girlfriend, who had her wrathful face. H.P. didn’t know what made her so angry. ‘Hey, good morning. I got coffee for you.’ H.P. smiled her. She, however, continued her anger and said to H.P. ‘What the hell is it? What the hell is it?’ Something she pointed out was the oil-based marker pen. ‘It’s a pen…Oh, my God!!! I’m so sorry… I didn’t notice it’s…’ H.P. lost his words and understood what she got angry. ‘Erase it with this!’ she dashed back to her bed and got back, holding something. It was a polish remover for her make-up.

H.P. just killed his time in the morning, scouring the window like a janitor. ‘130 points for speaking, 160 points for writing…’ while scouring, he still kept mumbling.

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