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Stages will be consumed by its music -Wakanagi- Vol.2

I was going to post another new article about Wakanagi, the group of Japanese traditional musical instrument players. What took me so long? Sorry I’m late.

Before the main article to introduce some Wakanagi members to you, let me explain what geza is. It’s necessary for you to know what it is.
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Stages will be consumed by its music -Wakanagi- Vol.1


Mil Máscaras, a professional wrestler, has his theme music “Sky High” in his entering ring. Darth Vader always frightens the Galactic Empire officers with his theme music. You can easily remember his face when you listen to the theme song of Jason, the terribly big man with a hockey mask from the movie “Friday the 13th”. Famous characters in the varied fields have their own theme music that easily reminds you of them. So, do RAKUGO performers.

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Osu Vol.3 -Temples at times, strongholds at other times-

February 7, 2013 Leave a comment

The construction of Nagoya castle in 1610 led to the redevelopment of Nagoya city. Osu, which was located between Nagoya castle and Nagoya port, must have been the first priority for the redevelopment as the main gate of Nagoya. The lord at the time ordered some temples and shrines to move into Osu in rebuilding the town in order to protect the area from enemies. Buddhist temples or Shinto shrines at the time were regarded as citadels or fortresses in case of emergencies. Osu Kannon temple and Banshouji temple were also moved with such a purpose.
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Osu Vol.2 -a town of particular cultures-

February 5, 2013 Leave a comment

I was going to write a journal about Buddhist objects; however, before the journal, let me introduce an intriguing aspect of Osu: particular cultures that particular people get into.

Osu has a famous retailer which carries mangas and related goods, MANDARAKE. You must get surprised at the staff members in animation costume right after you enter the building. After becoming startled at them, thousand of comics, which include valuable ones published long time ago, welcome you at the first floor. Glitzy costumes or wigs are displayed and attract you at the upper floor. Some people show respect for animation characters by copying them.
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Osu Vol.1 -a town of Buddhist altar-

January 30, 2013 Leave a comment

We have an attractive town in our region. It is Osu, which has been combined ‘tradition’ and ‘subculture’. I had a chance to learn about Osu. This time, let me introduce you a topic about Osu: Buddhist altars,butsudan.

It is said that Osu is famous for Buddhist altars and Buddhist objects. According to the oldest records, the specialized store offering Buddhist altars called ‘Hiroya’ kicked off its business in 1695. Ever since, a lot of Buddhist craftsmen and artisans came together for business settled down in Osu.
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