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A new roommate joins in

June 30, 2012 4 comments

I didn’t know what drove me to do it during Golden Week this year. It was a sunny day at that time. My subordinate and I were getting on booking for our subsidiaries in our office. I found we ran out of some stationery, so I left the subordinate and went out to a hardware store to get them. I’m not sure what kind of goods and how many tools hardware stores in other countries carry, but those of Japan do a lot of things: appliances, tools, stationery, flowers, plants, and animals.

Some squeaks just attracted me once I entered the building. I made my way to the direction of the sound before I bought some stationery. Parrots, tropical fish, golden fish, rice fish, parakeets, dogs, cats, turtles, a lot of animals welcomed me. Particularly, one animal totally stole my heart at first sight.


They were running around frantically in the cage instead of sprinting in a running wheel. That was so cute! I couldn’t help saying to a shop clerk,’I want a chipmunk.’

I’ve had several kinds of animals before; dogs, stag beetles, loaches, parakeets, termites(my mother extremely raged at the moment she saw me holding a bunch of termites in a thick branch in my hand) etc., but it’s the first time that I’ve had a chipmunk. The clerk instructed me how to have chipmunks. No feeding a lot of sunflower seeds in a day. Keeping the room temperature constant. No touching them for at least a week after you get them in your room. They are so timid that they can die of shock. They are diurnal, not nocturnal. It means it’s not good to make noises at night. Staying up late at night, of course, you’ve got to refrain from it. Oh, crap. I’m a nighthawk!

Anyway, Chip-chan(her name) and I have been living in my room ever since then. I put several goods like a running wheel in the cage. Cleaning up the cage, especially getting rid of feces, is sometimes annoying me, but her cute and adorable actions can make me relaxed. It’s so painful when she bites me, though. Yes, she is a rodent.

I just uploaded a footage of her. So pretty, isn’t she?

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Fictional incidents about my brain

June 20, 2012 3 comments

Although my skin is extremely sensitive, luckily I haven’t had a serious disease so far. It’s essential to keep being healthy, isn’t it? Some say you need to regularly take medical tests so that doctors can find out the badly medical points early that you have to cure. Speaking of the tests, let me tell you a topic about my CT check for the first time in my life.

About two years ago, I was bothered with some headache that I didn’t know what caused. Sometimes I became dizzy while working and felt like my back was gone. I could’t stand it and finally decided to consult with a doctor that I often go to see. The doctor at first said to me with a smile on his face, ‘Nothing to worry about your brain. Your stiff shoulders have been producing a headache. Starting with exercise should be the best way to get rid of your headache.’ Maybe he was right.

But at the time I was really suffering from the headache, so I insisted on taking a CT check. The doctor’s face was keeping showing ‘Hmm’ until the last minute but accepted it.

It was the first time for me to have a CT test. Of course I knew it wasn’t horrible and it took just a little time to finish the check. However, there were two things came up in me: considerable anxiety and a stupid idea. The former was that what if there was something seriously wrong with my brain. The latter was that what if my brain turned into something like those of people in Tiphares which is a restricted area existing high above the ground in the manga: Battle Angel Alita. The original title of the manga is Gunnm, and the name of the city, Tiphares, is Salem. I like the manga.

Here’s the official site of the author.

Let me show you what the brains of the people in Tiphares are. Here, it is. So disgusting, isn’t it? One senior scientist went crazy at once and fell to his death right after he saw the device in the brain and knew he had the same one in his brain.


Another idea just sprung up in my mind; what if the shape of my brain changed like this? Maybe I could have become stronger and people would have respected me. lol


Baki, a prominent martial-arts master in the manga ‘Baki’, has a strangely shaped brain that looks like a face of an orgre. ‘Orgre’ is his father’s nickname originated from his father’s extremely big muscles in his back. Rippled vigorously, the muscles change the form into something terrible but attractive like a face of an orgre.

Incidentally, there was nothing to worry about my brain. What’s more, a friend of mine who runs his own business as a masseur just got rid of my stiff shoulders. Thank God.

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The ticket for the UK blown away

June 12, 2012 2 comments

ALC, a famous publisher for English learners in Japan, sought some people last month who were able to visit the UK, have an interview with a producer at the BBC, and collect material for journals of the magazine:ENGLISH JOURNAL. One of my friends gave me the information and encouraged me to apply for the event. She and I spontaneously came up with an idea to attract judges and clear the first hurdle at the same time: telling a rakugo story in London.

The applicants had to fill out an online form at the first stage. Maybe you might think you would be required to be a fluent English speaker. Luckily, you didn’t need to be. Two essays in Japanese: “How come you want to become the UK correspondent?” and “What would you do in London?” Those were what you had to do at the first stage. It was easier than you expected, wasn’t it? Fortunately, I cleared the first stage with the idea.

The mail saying ‘how about coming to Tokyo to have the interview with us?’ reached me in the middle of May. The blog that the editors of the magazine told me that 23 candidates were chosen from 635(they told me in person that 653 people applied for the event). I arranged the schedule to go to Tokyo and informed my boss that I probably visited the UK for a few days as the correspondent. ‘There’s no problem as long as you deal with your tasks’ was what he answered. All the matters were dealt. Just the interview left.

Sadly, I failed to pass the interview. 😦

Two people(I haven’t known who made it) were chosen from 23 candidates at the interview. I should have at least told my rakugo during the interview. Maybe I’m too old to be the correspondent. However, if only I had had much more attractive characteristics to turn the interviewers around, if only I had acquired much more fluent and impressive English skill. Something different might have happened.

I once suggested one of my friends whose dream is to become a professional writer that he keep writing journals and show them to a lot of people. I think I’m the one who must follow the advice.

They are the gift that the interviewers gave me.

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Every little thing in my ordinary life 55

I’m back
It’s been a long time, guys. I’ve had a lot of things to deal with in my life since I took a break and was away from my blog last December. But I’m back. I hope I’ll be able to write as many journals in this blog as I can from now on. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

How the life goes on
I’ve recently been so busy that I have little chance to keep in touch with staff to Rakuten. About 30 minutes ago, I told her to call back after a meeting I had to have with another client. Now I’m in a cafe so that I turn on my computer, am online, and operate a software according to her instructions. After saying ‘Tall! Decaf! Cappuccino!’ to the staff member of the cafe like Tom Hanks, I called her. Her colleague said ‘I’m afraid she’s not available. She’s on another line’. Hmmm, how the life goes on. And…You’re sorry, I’m sorry. lol

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The interview test regarding world heritage sites

December 11, 2011 6 comments

I’m on my way home from Tokyo now, writing this article. I had the interview test in English today. I think it went well because I prepared for it enough.

A member of staff said over 50 examinees participated in the interview test at three designated places in Japan. This time, I decided to take it in Tokyo.

Once I got the place, which was a school, a member of staff led me to a waiting room. After a while, another staff came to the room and asked us to go to another room. We, the examinees, moved to the room for the interview in pairs. In the room, there was each paper on each table for us. You can choose the one task out of two. The one is the domestic topics concerning world heritage sites and tourism, and the other is the foreign ones. I picked the domestic one because I found it easy to answer the questions.

The interview test itself went well. I talked about the death of a prominent RAKUGO storyteller, Danshi Tatekawa, a hotspring in my prefecture, Hiraizumi city, which was registered as a world heritage site lately, and the world heritage site in Japan that I would like to explain to the examiner. Let me guess. Things went well.

I’m going to know the result next month. I can’t wait.

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Every little thing in my ordinary life 54

December 3, 2011 5 comments

It’s been a long time!
I hope readers who used to frequent this blog still remember me 😦 It’s been a long time, guys. How have you all been doing? Me, my typical works, our new business, attending as an interpreter, a RAKUGO recital in Sep., playing a new computer game, an English exam, illnesses, a bunch of things continuously happened to me. I think it would be an good time to write an article here.

Our new business just kicked off
I’m not sure if I informed you of the exact day on which we started our new business. We have already done, actually. What we have been trying in Kagoshima(the prefecture where we do our new business) is definitely different from what we have done before. Totally new experiences have been bothering me, though, I have really been feeling I’m now in growth as a business person. I’ll let you know what happened to us in Kagoshima in another article, someday.

A RAKUGO recital went well
Last September, I had a RAKUGO recital in Tokyo. Personally speaking, it went well.

I, this time, played a drama about a love affair between a wife and a sales person, which was the title named ‘kami-ire(wallet)’.

The story is a comical one, like this. A wife just sent a love letter to a sales person who regularly visited her husband. The sales person didn’t think it was a good thing, but he came to see her as she demanded at a night the husband was away. The wife insisted to do the THING with him, but he tried to refuse it. With women’s wise technique, the wife had finally reached for the top of the mountain of him(lol) in one way or another. The bad sign, however, just appeared right after the right time. The husband just came back home at the right moment the wife and the sales person were about to become one. The sales person had a narrow escape and went back his home unwitnessed. But he noticed he left his wallet behind the wife’s bedroom. What was worse, he still kept the love letter the wife wrote in his wallet. What if the husband found the wallet and read the letter?

One of the most famous and prominent RAKUGO storytellers, Kokontei Shinchoh, also played this drama. I do like him. That’s the reason why I decided to try this play.

The RAKUGO teacher just gave me a DVD of the recital. I must say ‘thanks to my natural loud voice’. I could hardly hear what some of storytellers in the DVD were saying. Their voices were too small and inaudible!

My next stage is going to be held in March. I’m now getting on a new play.

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Are you under control named ‘fate’? – The Adjustment Bureau

August 4, 2011 Leave a comment

I dropped by a theater to watch a movie last month: The Adjustment Bureau.

Can we control our own destinies? Or the fates just show us a way and we have to go along it? Some people might say that we have to make our way and our goals on our own. David Norris, a senatorial candidate, has been struggling to climb up the stairs named ‘honor’. However, he stumbled over a scandal on his way. He dropped by the bathroom in disappointment so that he arranged for his speech. A sudden advice for his address just came out from the bathroom, in which no one was supposed to be. Elise Sellas was the one who was in possession of the advice. David and Elise, they didn’t need much time to embrace and kiss each other. They fell in love, which meant they started against their own destiny. Men in traditional suits with hats, who worked for an unknown organization called ‘the Adjustment Bureau’, had been observing David and Elise with books in their hands. According to their books, David was becoming the president of the United States of America, and Elise was grabbing the glorious name as a dancer. The books, however, also indicated that they would become eligible for such honorable status without seeing each other. Loving at first sight, coming across again, talking with each other happily, growing their own love, those were not supposed to be. The agents of the Adjustment Bureau were trying to prevent David and Elise from closing in many ways. The more the agents were disturbing them, the larger their love became. Did this sci-fi Romeo and Juliet open their fate by their own?

What makes me attracted Matt Damon? He is not that handsome(sorry!), but he has something remarkable. Maybe his smart character draws my attention. Flexibility might be one of his features. He acted a bit tactless guy in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, brought us ‘laugh out loud’ in ‘Stuck On You’, and made us excited in ‘The Bourne Identity’. He can show us a variety of atomospheres in different roles.

As for the movie itself, the story went on as I expected. So typical that I’m sure you will be able to enjoy the movie without thinking seriously.

By the way, what do you think of your own destiny? Do you think that you have been making your own life by your own? Or by your fate?

One more thing, I at first thought Will Smith joined this movie when I saw an agent of the Adjustment Bureau. It was not Will Smith, but Anthony Mackie. He is so similar to Will Smith, isn’t he? Here, it is.

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