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“Boys” are still Boys.

February 12, 2010 1 comment

Boys have never changed, “boys”

I got a concert ticket of Backstreet Boys in Kobe. A few years ago, I guess it’s when they released the album “Never Gone.” I couldn’t get the ticket. This time, I made it.

The concert was held in Wednesday, which was ofcourse one of weekdays. Due to my work, I was quite late. Fortunately, I just only missed the opening act in the concert. Avril Lavigne, Bon Jovi, Hoobastank, Eric Martin, MR.BIG, Backstreet Boys…Backstreet Boys seemed to be the best group which female audiences came to see in the concert I’ve ever seen, I guess.

I already the ticket a few months ago, maybe in Dec. I made one mistake this time. It was last week when I bought their latest album “This Is Us.” One of my friends told me if I had already bought the album when we talked about the concert a couple of weeks. I just said, “Not yet.” Although I just thought I had to buy for the concert, I forgot to do it. On the way to Kobe, I put the CD into the H.D.D. in my car and kept listening to their new songs.

“Ummm…the concert might not be interesting. I don’t think their songs are good this time.” I just thought it. Unless you know the songs which the singers are supposed to sing in the concert, especially the ones in the latest album, you can’t enjoy the concert. However, their new songs couldn’t hit me. On the highway to Kobe, I just listened to other songs, Linkin Park’s or EMINEM’s.

My worry was gone when the concert started. Actually, they already didn’t look like “boys”, however, they vigorously sang their songs and danced aggressively on the stage. I was so glad that they sang their older songs when they were younger.

These are not all songs they sang in the concert, but one of them.

Shape Of My Heart
Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
As Long As You Love Me
Quit Playing Games
Lager Than Life
The Call
I Want It That Way
Straight Through My Heart

Personally, I wanted them to sing “How Did I Fall In Love With You” and “Drowning.” But I was satisfied with the concert.

The short movies during the concert, in which the members acted, were also fascinating. With the CG techniques, the members really looked like actors playing in famous movies, such as Matrix, The Fast and The Furious or Enchanted. The lines in those movies were changed into the ones related to Backstreet Boys or the concert, and made me laugh. Although they got older and now that they were no longer “boys”, I could enjoy the concert enough.

Incidentally, this time, no police stopped me. lol

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