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Every little thing in my ordinary life 7

January 22, 2010 4 comments

vaccinated but caught other one
The number of people infected swine flu is decreasing in Japan, however, we even now have to be careful with it. I got a chance to be vaccinated last week. Nothing about flu would interrupt my life any more, I thought. Sadly, I got other virus and was in bed with a high fever for a few days in this week. The fever went down on Wednesday, and I thought I could work hard the following day. But my guess was wrong. I mean, I should have done better with myself. One of my subordinate called me and helped me his negotiation, which he had to go to the place his obligator lived and order to get his money back or have his bike back.

We didn’t know if the obligator would keep living in the place I investigated before. Fortunately, he was there. ‘Hey, do you remember me?’ said my subordinate. ‘Sorry, I don’t know.’ said the obligator. ‘I ordered a customed bike at your shop and already paid my money for it. What have you done?’ said my subordinate. The obligator understood who the subordinate was and started explaining what he had been. ‘At first, I’m here to write a document to help my subordinate. You must sign it and pledge what you must do in it. We don’t care whatever happened to you. I’m sure you do understand what I’m saying.’ said I gently. ‘Yes, ofcourse. I was supposed to reach for him. Sorry, I couldn’t.’ said the obligator.

Listening to his explanationa(excuses), I wrote the lawful document like an oath. After finished, I firstly showed it to my subordinate and explained each term to let him know which advantages he got and disadvantages he got. And then, I showed it to the obligator as well. After that, the obligator gave his fingerprint and his signature on the document. I kept standing and sitting at the door while negotiating. It was so cold…

The fever rose up again when I was home.

the FBI agent did something wild like Jack Bauer
I bought two games when I was in Tokyo last year. One of them is ‘ART OF MURDER HUNT FOR THE PUPPETEER.’ In order to arrest the terrible murderer, called ‘PUPPETEER’, Nicole Bonnet is called in again. The murderer decorated all the deceased like marionettes, which were hung on ceilings or walls. Nicole Bonnet traced a lot of clues and made her way to three countries, France, Spain, Cuba.

This is my second time to play a mystery game in English, following ‘Alone In the Dark.’ It was difficult to play ‘Alone…’ This new game was also difficult. The former was difficult because it was easy to die, the latter was difficult because it was complicated to find the usages and combinations of items. Please check the film around 1:40. I wrapped the dall with the map and taped it. I already cleared the game before recorded this, so it looks like I found the idea easily. But it took toooooooooooooooo long at the first time play.

Nicole Bonnet was a very intelligent and tough woman like Jack Bauer. Even though she had to get an order to go back to the States from French police, she ran away from the French police officer and kept investigating. Sometimes she sneaks the site from the roof to get clues without the permissions.

It didn’t meet my expectation so much only around the final part, however, it was interesting overall. By the way, Nicole Bonnet said in the game to the French officer like this; ‘He’s gone at last. A truly unpleasant Frog.’ The word ‘Frog’ is usually used in ordinary life? I checked it with my dictionary. It is one of slangs, isn’t it?

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Every little thing in my ordinary life 5

December 22, 2009 16 comments

Game sickness
I already introduced you LEFT 4 DEAD 2, which I bought last month. This time, I’ll show you the other one. It’s Alone In The Dark.

Alone In The Dark was launched last year as the horror and adventurous game. The Central Park in New York, the stage of this game, is known as the place people can relax. There are, however, many mysteries hidden behind this beautiful park in this game. Edward Carnby, whom you play, has to beat his enemies and figure out horrible myteries.

I already finished this game, but let me introduce only the prologue of this game by a film.

Alone In The Dark Prologue 1-1

Alone In The Dark Prologue 1-2

I’d thought I don’t have any difficulty keep playing any games. I’d never imagined I got any game sickness. But I got game sickness while playing the game. As you see it from the film, the points of view are frequently changed every time the character got his action. It was too hard to keep playing the game. Sometimes I felt like throwing up, but I made it lol.

You might think it looks like a movie. Yeah, actually it’s like a movie. When you start playing this game again, you can see the scene like the famous drama 24’s ‘previously on 24’ before you are into the game. At the last chapter, you can feel it’s like a movie again. However, in the middle stage, it’s a little bit boring. I bought it so that I wanted to learn English through this game. I couldn’t help getting bored, especially while driving in the game lol. But it’s a good game, I think.

Voluntary appearance
I went to the Immigration Bureau to apply for the extention of eligibility for my client. There was no problem for application itself, but one sign made me blue. It was ‘Voluntary Appearance’.

As well as other countries, Japan is strict for illegal immigrants. It includes people illegally staying in Japan. It calls ‘over staying’ and the immigration bureau and police are too hard for such person’s arrests.

About three years ago, one of my friends was arrested for overstaying. I knew she deserved it. The gorvenment of Japan ordered her to come back to her country and prohibited her from coming to Japan for five years. I had told her again and again that she should have gotten married with Mr.Right and voluntarily appeared to the immigration. But she didn’t. I don’t know what she is doing in her country now. I hope she’ll get her happy life.

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New zombies can make me relax?

November 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I got tough days in this two weeks. An interview test in English last week and an examination today. I nearly had my brain exploded. However, it’s over. How were these tests? Ummm…I guess I can make both of them. 😀 I’ll report the result as soon as I got.

In order to make my brain relax, I bought two things after finishing the test today. Come to think of brains…yeah, Zombies! Did you remember that I introduced one computer game about zombies called ‘LEFT 4 DEAD’? The second version of it was released this week.

Like a series of ‘Resident evil’, the movies, we have to fight with ‘infections’ in this game, which happened a few weeks later or so since ‘LEFT 4 DEAD’ ended. Unfortunately, the characters we’re supposed to play have been changed. Zoey, the girl I often played in ‘LEFT 4 DEAD’, was gone. Instead of the pretty girl, there are many new weapons and enemies. Katana(someone clearly shouted it with his/her English accent), Chainsaws, AKs, Jockey, Charger, Spitter… many weapons and enemies sometimes help us and sometimes annoy us…lol

It’s been a long time for me to play FPS games, so I found it difficult to play(or survive) this game. But it can certainly make my brain relax. I’m trying to record the film I’m playing as well as I did in ‘LEFT 4 DEAD’. It’s going to be a long time until I finish encoding the film, so I’ll upload this article before the film.

One more thing I bought at the computer shop was ‘ALONE IN THE DARK’. It seemed a kind of mystery game in English, not FPS game. I’ve wanted to play mystery games proceeding in English in order to let myself in as many times in English as possible, so I got it. I’ve not played this game yet and ofcourse I’ll record the film as well if I can.

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The dawn of FPS in Japan.

August 4, 2009 3 comments

One day, one of my friend on the Internet told me that no one in Japan play FPS game, and even worse, no one play games with computers.

Now that it’s not the truth. The number of FPS players in Japan is increasing now. Actually, many Japanese might associate games with machinery made for only playing games, such as NINTENDO DS or PlayStation, which is called “consumer-model” in Japan. On the contrary, I guess people in the other countries might take a granted they play games with computers. (I know these thoughts have recently changed since NINTENDO and SONY started selling their models all over the world.)

Me, since I stopped playing games in my younger age, I’ve never tried to play games. Games turn me on…besides, I had no idea that I enjoy playing games with computers as well as other Japanese did. But now, I met this game about two years ago. For me, this is the very first FPS game, and even now, I join in one clan and enjoy playing.

Special Force is originated in Korea. Korea is very famous for the population and level of FPS players among far east countries. I heard that you can watch FPS program on TV whole day. There are many famous FPS games made in Korea and the tournaments are often held. The clans from Korea have won the match in a row, I think. In Japan, waves of professionalizing as game players are still not larger, however, in Korea and other countries, such as America, the professional game players get contracts with computer parts manufacturers and earn their money. (I ofcourse know I’m not supposed to be like that.)

I’m not such a good player, but it’s so fun for me to play games with my friends on the Internet. Our clan is not gachiclan, which means “clan in which seriously motivated and skillful people are gathering and aiming for the great result at the tournaments”, but we can enjoy it. By the way, you should remember the word above, “gachi“, literally means “serious”. gachi de yaru means “I’ll do it seriously”.

I recorded our clan fighting with other clan. Here it is. The person holding golden AK-47 is me.

Someday, I’ll try “Counter Strike”.

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Someone crawling…

I don’t know why…but I’ve liked zombie movies since I was a kid.

Now that zombie movies got typical. First of all, something happens. Depending on the movies, some virus might spread out, some chemicals might leak. Finally, it gets pandemics.

There are many kinds of zombies in movie, such as zombies who run fast, who can talk, who rape women. However they get colory spieces, all their wants are simply “bite” and “eat” people.

The first movie I watched is ‘The Return Of The Living Dead’ (called batarian in Japan) directed by Dan O’Bannon in 1985. I excitedly watched it in the movie thater when I was a kid. Even now, “Zombie movies? They already got in the one track mind! Biting and eating…and casualties widely spread…and in the end, they become zombies themselves, right?” most of my friends say so, I like watching them. I don’t know why.

Last year, I bought one FPS game. It was ‘Left 4 Dead’, featuring Zombies. To be correct, the enemies in this game are not zombies, but infected people by some dangerous virus. The players you operate have to escape from where you are, fighting zombies.

During the play, you face some special infected in the game, such as ‘Tank’, ‘Boomer’, ‘Hunter’, ‘Smooker’ and ‘Witch’.

‘Tank’ has so strong skin and power that you have to shoot it from a distance. Fire, like a molotov, is very effective.
‘Boomer’ is an ugly and fat thing, and sometimes vomits disgusting things. They let many zombies gather.

‘Hunter’ looks like human at the first glance, however, its jump is so fast and once you’re caught by it you must face your death without other’s help.

‘Smooker’ has a long tongue. Hiding on the roof of the building, it aims you to catch by its tongue.

‘Witch’ is normally meek. You can hear her crying in the distance. Don’t get her mad… Her ‘Death Embrace’ will take you to heaven.

You can play this game with many people all over the world. You and your three partners get a party and proceed to the escape zone. In November, ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ is going to be launched. I think it must be exciting one.

This is my play in ‘Left 4 Dead’.

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