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It’s already over…but I’ll try to write it….about “Golden Week”

I was so touched that Kpinkcat left his comment in my blog! In his comment, he suggested that I should write an article on Golden Week, so I’ll try to do it although it’s already over. As a matter of fact, a year ago, I already wrote it, but I think I can write better than before with further information.

Who used this “Golden Week” words first? I checked it on the Internet. We have one law called “Shukujitu-hou”(means Natinal Holiday Law), which symbolizes National Holiday. I just took for granted that “Golden Week” was made in the law, but the truth is far away from my guess.

Daiei, which is the film company (Kadokawa Eiga’s predecessor), was actually the first organization which used “Golden Week”, not the government. “Golden Week” initially was indicated the term from April 29th to May 5th. During this term, Daiei got overwhelmed film sales in 1951. After that, Daiei started calling this term “Golden Week”. “Golden Week” eventually became the common phrase between us.

Now that we can enjoy this term longer than ever because of amended National Holiday Law. Because of recent recession, a lot of people were forced to take long holidays during this term. I heard that some people got sixteen days as holiday in this term. “I got a big holiday, however, my salary has just been quite lower… Where should I take my family with this lower salary?” I read such a phrase in the newspaper.

I…don’t go anywhere in this term every time. First of all, I have a lot of things to do in this term, such as making bills for the general meeings of my clients and learning English. Second, I don’t like crowded places so much. On the way to the destination, I have to endure a heavy traffic on the highway. (As you know, I’m crazy for fast driving. You know it since I love RX-7) After I arrive at the destination, there must be a loooooooooooooot of sightseers! I can’t stand it!

In addition to these reasons, this year, our fuckin’ hey-is-your-political-policy-ok prime minister Asoh, proclaimed the economical action against this recession. One of these his actions, you can drive anywhere on the highway until you got out with only 1,000 yen as a charge. This action can be allowed only on Saturday, Sunday and in holidays.

Look at this photo… if I was forced to be there, I couldn’t help being irritated!



They…seem to be in the movies… like running away from Gozzila or something! …hihihi

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