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Internet Cafe in Japan

August 4, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve just finished work and am so hungry I’ve stopped by the internet cafe.

How’s the internet cafe in your country? I heard that there are many differences between Japan and other countries. In other countries, customers have to sit in a row and can watch what website each other, and sometimes men try to talk to women in the internet cafe. Japan, it’s latest trend that we can have separeted booth from others and can get their privacy.

Recently, the quality of the service of the internet cafe is improving. We can take a shower there, and stay the night. There are a lot of comics in the internet cafe, so we can enjoy reading it.

Many Japanese are too shy to talk to other customers for approaching. If we tried to do it, we would be arrested….hihihi

This is the booth of the internet care where I was wroting this article.


The ton of comics!


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