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“Just Once” could link many relationships between my friends and me.

October 1, 2009 8 comments

Karaoke, I think it’s invented in Japan, now that many people all over the world enjoy singing by using karaoke Ofcourse me, too.

Since I decided to learn English again when I was thirty, I’ve thought I should throw myself into as many situations in English as possible, so I put only English songs around me, especially in my car. As you can see from my YouTube channel, I once played the guitar, made my own songs, stood right in front of audience. In my age at that time, Ritche Blackmore, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, or other guitarists were the hero for me. So it was not so painful for me only to listen to English music, but I had to change my preference on music category from only heavy metal or hard rock (By the way, the word “hard rock” is only used in Japan?) to more popular ones.

The very first song I learned and sang was “As Long As You Love Me” from Backstreetboys. Now that Backstreetboys are no longer boys, however, my sister loved them at that time and introduced me their songs.

Ever since I knew Backstreetboys, their songs have accounted for the most part of my repertoire of karaoke songs, such as “It’s true”, “The Call”, “Spanish Eyes”.

After I got Backstreetboys, my sister also introduced one group. That was ‘NSYNC. Their album were not so my thing, however, I like “Bye Bye Bye”, “It’s Gonna Be Me” and this;

This I Promise You

The more I got songs I could sing, the more I was desperate to get somewhere to sing. “Snack”, is not the meaning in English “small meals”, is used for the place to drink alcohol in Japan. Oops, I checked the word with my dictionary right now. I should use this word like this; “snack bar” in order to express my intention. Girls working in snack bar in Japan should know many kinds of Japanese songs, especially Enka, which is one category as old and folk songs in Japan and has quite different scales from western songs, but don’t need to learn English songs so much because customers who want to sing English songs are not so many at the snack bar. So every time I visit the snack bar and girls ask me to sing songs, I’m bothered what songs I should sing. “The Carpenters” and “The Beatles” were only what they knew.

“Ummm…I want somewhere to enjoy singing…Where should I go?” thinking like that, I talked about this topic with my friend. He gave me one solution and it changed my personal life definitely. I’ll write the topic someday. As the ending song of this article, I’ll introduce one song right here. With this song, I got many friends who use English.

Just Once

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