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Well, think me up with a cup of coffee…

The fugitive’s name is Chip-chan…Go get her!

As I wrote about it before, I have a female chipmunk named ‘Chip-chan’. I clean up her cage once in a week. I did it yesterday. There had been an accident at the time.
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Dual monitors provide me with a soothing air

I wrote an article about my room before, at which I installed a monitor stand and an iPad holder on my desk. I got new stuff on the desk this time: another monitor stand and another monitor.

I’ve been thinking that I have so many tasks, such as writing journals, gaming, and watching films, at the desk. One monitor of the computer seemed too small to deal with the tasks. I came up with an idea: the use of an extra monitor that I hadn’t used for a long time. I, therefore, bought another monitor stand initially, and then, I installed another monitor.
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Some office supplies should make me motivated but have some side effects

July 13, 2012 3 comments

Chatting with friends, playing computer games, learning English, reading, accounting, watching movies, thanks to computers, they enable me to do many kinds of things. To me, my desk with my computer in my room is as necessary as that of in my office. This time, I bought some things to tidy the desk in my room.
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My secret base.

I wanted to use my desk more effectively, so I cleaned it up the other day.

I dumped my old stereo systems and got the space on the desk, wiped computer parts out with wet towels, and organized them again.

Do you know Yuji Oda, who is a famous acter in Japan? As his signature starring role, odoru daisousa sen is a well-known movie.

When I was a university student, I watched one TV program, seigi wa katsu, which means “Justice will prevail”. Yuji Oda was the main acter in it. He got ride on the Mercedes (it’s a definetely classic convertible one!), putting a long coat, taking his IBM lap-top computer in all his way. (As a matter of fact, the first computer for me was…IBM lap-top…hahaha)

My friend and I, actually, studied for one qualification of law in Japan at that time, so we always talked with each other like this; “If we pass the exam, let’s rent a Mercedes convertible car and join in our graduation ceremony! Ofcourse we put the badge on the collar!”

Unfortunately, my friend couldn’t pass it (he passed it the following year), however, I did it, so we went to the association to register myself. In front of the counter, I got surprised… The female assistant coldly told me it would take a few months and much money!!! The graduation ceremony was just around the corner and we didn’t have much money, so we gave it up. Ofcourse, we gave Mercedes up, either.

I checked the scene Yuji Oda working in his own room in the program. There is a wide desk in the center of the room, a large number of books behind him. “cool…” thinking like that, I decided to buy a new desk. Since I got it, this desk has been with me. One more thing, for this badge, I can earn money.

I took some photos around my desk. Please check it.

I don’t use any mouse pad. Even though there’s no mouse pad, I can easily play games. Due to the wide space of the desk, I can open textbooks and notebooks for learning English. You can see some textbooks on TOEIC.

I can’t go through my FPS life without this mouse. Since I bought this, my score and strength in the game has been better. In the respect of elaboration, I have a complaint. The materials of this mouse like…a totally plastic assembly. Like a cheap toy.

I used a headset mic, but in order to record my voice more clearly when learning English, I bought this last month. Unfortunately, when I play FPS games and use this microphone under clan wars, the clan members all complain the noise from this. This microphone is always turned off when clan wars.

I’ve been using this for over six years, so I want to buy a new camera. I plan to buy this. Qcam Orbit AF

With this instrument, I can switch between speakers and a headphone. Besides, I can turn microphone on and off with this.

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