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The East Asian rainy season has come.

We’ve gotten rain recently. Tsuyu has started in this region.

The chinise characters of Tsuyou literally mean “plum rains”, which is said that there are a few origins why that chinise character is used. As one of the origins, it’s said that the ume character (ume means “plum”) includes mai in itself. the mai character literally means “every”. In the Tsuyu season, we have rain every day, so people in old age might use that character.

There are a few differences between Tsuyu and squalls or somthing which are often caused in tropical countries, such as Philippine. I don’t know squall in detail, however, I imagine it is very strong rain and suddenly happens. On the contrary, Tsuyu doesn’t have such extreme rain, but the term of Tsuyu is quite long, which is from May to July, depending on the region in Japan.

Once Tsuyu starts, we feel much humidity. Besides, it’s so easier to get moldy for foods. I put my suit on every day at work. I feel stinky very much.

As business persons, especially those who drive a car at work, the roads get so soaked that it gets very dangerous. On the contrary, for farmers, Tsuyu is a necessary season because they plant the seedings of rice before Tsuyu and they need water.

Tsuyu ga akeru‘ or ‘Tsuyu ake‘ means “Tsuyu season has ended.”. After Tsuyu ake, we’re going to face the summer season. The humid and sticky summer in Japan. It’s also going to be so hard for business persons…

This is the meteorological chart in Tsuyu season in Japan. You can see the Baiu front on the chart. Baiu is another way to call Tsuyu.

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