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Funny scarecrows…

November 6, 2008 Leave a comment

From October to November in my area, we get harvest season on rice. It’s calld “Inekari”. And to get these rice for foods, Sparrows and other birds also gather. Farmers try to prevent them from feeding with “kakashi”, which means a scarecrow.

The traditional scarecrow in Japan is like that…


However, it’s recently changed that style…

There are many rice fields in front of my house. So I can see a lot of scarecrows in this season.

When I’d arrived at my house and I tried to park my car in my garage, I was very suprised with something.

“What is that? People in the rice fields???”

They are like these…



How terrible! It’s like a horror movie or something… Only neck! Where is its body??? And…He looks so sad…lonely…What is he thinking???

Basecally, the purpose of scarecrows is to prevent birds from coming…. but now, the purpose has changed. It changed to make human suprised, not birds…hihihi.

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