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Osu Vol.2 -a town of particular cultures-

February 5, 2013 Leave a comment

I was going to write a journal about Buddhist objects; however, before the journal, let me introduce an intriguing aspect of Osu: particular cultures that particular people get into.

Osu has a famous retailer which carries mangas and related goods, MANDARAKE. You must get surprised at the staff members in animation costume right after you enter the building. After becoming startled at them, thousand of comics, which include valuable ones published long time ago, welcome you at the first floor. Glitzy costumes or wigs are displayed and attract you at the upper floor. Some people show respect for animation characters by copying them.
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The maid made me happy.

April 18, 2009 7 comments

This time, I’ll try to write about my first experience on visiting “maid-cafe”.

Akihabara in Tokyo is very famous for the place about Japanese animations and appliances. I went there in February. I got two purposes to go there. First I wanted to go to “maid-cafe”, and second, I wanted to buy a game software.

Do you know what “maid-cafe” is? ummm…I don’t know if my expression is correct…”maid-cafe” is…kind of the place to enjoy talking, viewing, communicating with pretty maids while having a drink.

The clerks putting maid-looking clothes serve drink and entertain us. Some clerk kindly entertain us, some clerk coldly do us. In the case of cold entertainment, you can find that they sometimes and abruptly change their attitudes into gentle ones. It calls “tun-dere” in the realm.

The maid-cafe I went to was, what we call, a normal cafe, not extremely unique. As I felt excited and nervous, I entered with my friend.

“Welcome!” So cute and high toned voice appeared from every place, and a girl putting maid costume on came to us. “Is this your first place to come here?” asked the maid with her smile on her face. “Y…yes…” said I. “Please come here.” said she.

I saw a few customers drinking, eating something. All of them seemed to search for the chance to talk to maids. I guessed they regularly came to meet them.

Looking around, I ordered one cappuccino with one service. With extra money, they give one service to draw something on the surface of the cappuccino with chocolate cream.

“What do you want me to draw on it?” asked the maid to me.
“ummm….What can you draw? A letter? Painings of something?” asked I.
“Anything! Anything you want!” said she smiling.
“ummm….anything…ok…I wanna this.” I asked her to draw one Chinise character written on the menu, pointing it out.

That was “love”. Ofcourse it’s written in Chinise character.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” said she.

After a few minute, she brought my cappuccino and started drawing “love” in Chinise character on it in front of me.

“Wow! You can really do that!”
“Ofcourse I can!”
“So…You often practise it? I guess…you guys got so hard traning in the backyard before the open.”
“hahaha…not really. but…sometimes some customers tease us.”
“Like what?”
“They ask me to draw very complicated animation characters…such as Gundam,”
“Gundam? You did?”
“I didn’t even know that! So…I drew my imaginary Gundam on it…hehehe”
“I said to him, This is my Gundam in my heart!”

Talking with me, she smoothly drew the letter of “love” on my cappuccino. It’s already…kind of art!

Additionally, I was surprised with one thing. Their communication skills! They are not just girls putting pretty clothes. Their talk was so sophisticated. Actually, the served drink in that cafe was just a…drink; however, I felt that was very delicious because their talk made my drinking time happy.

“Hey, I know what you’re thinking… You…wanna employ her on your business, huh?” my friend talked to me, chuckling. “Yeah…her communication skill has already been completed…I think she could get by even if she started working in my office.” I said.

I had a happy time.


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