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Every little thing in my ordinary life 19

May 29, 2010 10 comments

An Internet cafe once in a month
I’m now writing this article at an Internet cafe after a grand assembly. I’m just relieved that the extension of my contract was approved during the assembly. There are at least two meetings to go within a month. I hope nothing trouble will happen.
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“No arms, no contingency plans” always “NO”

May 27, 2010 6 comments

Mizuho Fukushima, the chief of the Social Democratic party, has rebuffed the decision for the relocation of the Futenma air base in Okinawa and has also decided not to sign the cabinet approval as one of ministers.

Surprisingly, she claimed that the Social Democratic party would not end the coalition between the Social Democratic Party, the People’s New Party and the Democratic Party of Japan. In addition, she is not supposed to resign her present post.
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The temple where I should have visited in autumn

May 20, 2010 7 comments

After I dropped by Inuyama castle, I had lunch at a restaurant in front of the castle.

I saw one name of fish on the menu. Ayu, sweetfish grilled with salt. It was quite expensive(about 22 U.S. dollars?), but I ordered it. “I’m afraid we’re out.” said the clerk. Kishimen was what I finally decided to eat.
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Great views are waiting for you

May 18, 2010 3 comments

At the same day when I went to Momotaro shrine, I also dropped by Inuyama castle.

After the meeting in the morning, I asked one of the clients where Haritsuna shrine(I’ll post a journal about the shrine later) was. He told where it was and recommended that I should go to Inuyama castle because it was next to the shrine.
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The peach can protect you from evil

May 13, 2010 10 comments

As I wrote at the previous journal, I dropped by a few temples and shrines last Saturday. I’ll let you show one of them.

Do you know a nursery tale, “momotaro“, which is the story about a boy fighting orges.
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