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I’m a singer?…hehehe

Have you ever seen my guitar play in my YouTube?

As a matter of fact, I like singing songs…but I don’t think I’m good at singing…I mean, I don’t have skills to sing songs in livehouse even if I like it.

When I wanna sing songs, I go to the karaoke or clubs.

Backstreet Boys, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Christian Bautista, a lot of singers make me crazy…hahaha Recently, I’ve realized that I’d rather like female songs than male songs.

Christina Aguilera, Tiffany, Toni Gonzaga, Higher keys of songs make me headache(^ ^; but I like them.

Someday, I try to record myself singing at karaoke, club, or disco with a digital cam. Please be careful with your ears when you got to watch my movie…hihihi

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Wow…what a sexy car!

There is one car shop for my client. In Japan, you have to apply “syako-syoumei” before you buy a car. Making application forms for syako-syoumei is one of my job.

One day, I got a new car when I visited the car shop. It calls “RX-8”.

RX-8 has the Rotary engine, which is the only one used in the world. I don’t know it very well but I love the sound of the engine!

When I was 25, I had “RX-7”, which is the previous model on RX-8. That was a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy gorgeous car! I had the red one.

“Hey, Mr.honeypotter! Why don’t you get a ride on it?” one of the dealer said to me. Every car shop has each test car so that customers can taste.

“Can I?? Really??” said I.
“Sure, Enjoy the car as much as you can!” said He.
“Then…I’m gonna run away from you with this! hahaha” said I, smiling.

The seat of RX-8….looks like a cockpit of airfighters… That makes me excited… The sound drove me crazy…

When low speed, I thought RX-7 would be better than RX-8, however, I loved it when high speed.

“Mr.honeypotter…how’s that? I guess…you feel like buying this…hahaha” the dealer said to me after my driving…

Actually… I want it! Someday…I’ll get it… hihihi

This is “RX-8”

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Being busy is killing me…

It’s been a long time for me to write an article in this blog. How are you all? Me, I’ve been busy for a long time.

From April to June, I have a lot of “Soukai”, which means “a general meeting” for my clients. In Soukai, I have to report my client’s annual act, accounts and so on.

For the purpose we peacefully get through this Soukai, we have to prepare a lot of things, such as Q & A.

And another important thing is… my contract for my clients is decided to continue in this Soukai. So I can’t help being nurvous…

Please hope I get a new contract.

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I’m so shocked!

Last week, I got one bad thing….

On the highway, I wanted to go home as early as I could because I had something to do, so I stepped on it…

Suddenly, Strong red light flashed on my eyes…

Ummmm…. The machine to check driver’s speed… If you get the red light, police take your photo for…the penalty…

As soon as I got the light, I checked the speed meter in my car…It pointed 110 km / hour….

Oh my god… I have to pay much money….and …. At least I can’t drive for a month!

Ummmm…. What a day…

I haven’t gotten the letter from police yet….

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It’s been a long time…

“hey, honeypotter! Your blog is NOT your diary! When does your latest article is?”

I’m so sorry… I was too busy to write this blog’s article… In this Golden Week, I had been playing one game. It is “Special Force” made in Korea.

I join in one clan, which is like a team. Clan matches, which called “Clan wars” are held every night. During the match, we play for our victory, using voice chatting system, such as Skype.

“Hey, 2 enemies are already in the room!” “On your right side!” talking like this, we play.

After the match, we keep talking with mic. It’s just small talk. We haven’t seen each other in person, however, we have a good mood.

I put my play in the game up into YouTube. Please check it up.

Special Force

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