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Am I a clan master???

May 31, 2009 2 comments

Since I got a English test, TOEIC, in March 15th, I could hardly have chances to play computer games, especially Special Force. Other members of our clan also didn’t sign in this game so much. I guess they are so busy for a lot of things, such as their private life or playing other games.

I’m planning to have a few English tests this month and next month, so I know I should do my best for them, however, recently, I’ve been into Special Force again.

I can find my friends in this game signing in when I enter this game because of game’s systems, and my friend can know I’m into the game, either.

“Hey, HoneyPotter(I got a different name in the game)! Been a long time! How’s it goin’?” Thank God that they kindly talk to me even if it’s been a long time for me to be into the game.

I fought in the game a few hours with my friend today. “Hey, HoneyPotter, how’s your clan? It goes well?” asked he. “Sadly, no. No one signs in now. Should I get a new clan? hihihi… I do wanna get clan wars!” said I.

“Then, it’s about time! You should do that! If you get your own clan, I’ll join in it!” said he.

Many friends have said about that for a long time… My clan… My own clan… As a matter of fact, I have a feeling to get my own clan. But…managing a clan is very tough. Recruiting members, planning opperations on Clan Wars, teaching members opperations, motivating members…all of needs for clan managements as a clan leader are put on my shoulders…my sensitive, weak, small shoulders…hihihi

Above all, I don’t have much time to play the game… At the TOEIC test in July, I’ll get over 900 points in it. “It’s ok that you don’t enter the game so much, don’t think of it seriously. I think we can take it easy. After the test, I’m sure you get into the game again. I’ll wait for you.” said my friend. These words made me happy.

Anyway, I’ll study English so hard until July, but sometimes I’ll enjoy plaing games for relax. I won’t forget one proverb…”If you chase after two rabbits, you won’t catch either.” hihihi

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I’ve found a new dimension of myself.

In May 12th, my younger sister got the first baby! He is also the first grandchild for our parents. I have one younger sister and one younger brother, but unfortunately neither of me and my brother have not get married.

As a matter of fact, all children I’ve ever met seem to like me. One of my friend teases me like that, “They must treat you as their friend. You got a equal level as well as they got!” I haven’t had any chance that chidren start crying when I’m with them, however, I…I’m not good at being with them.

First of all, I…I don’t like hearing their cry. In the other words, I don’t like their shouts in the public place. For example, in the coffee shop, I can’t help but get out from the shop when I hear their shout and their parents don’t try to do anything for them.

Surprisingly, I’ve found a new dimension of myself after my younger sister got a new baby and back to my home to stay for a month. I…I…have hound myself feel I’m so happy to see the baby!

Every time I got home, I check her baby if he’s ok. “Hey, my prince! How’s it goin’?” saying like that, I talk to him. He is obviously keeping silent, but I feel I’m so happy. When he opens his eyes (ofcourse I understand he still can’t see anything, just can feel lights and shadows), I feel I’m so happy!

And…feel time has stopped!

“Hey, HoneyPotter, You gotta the feeling you wanna your baby? You gotta the feeling you wanna marry?” my younger sister said it to me, chuckling. Yeah, the feeling I wanna my baby…has been getting bigger!

Her husband is now in dayoff so he is staying in my home. He and I are looking at the baby…and talking like that “ummm…he’s so cute! We can’t get sick and tired!”

“I don’t believe you say like that.” The husband said to me.

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The love at first sight…my nostalgic memory.

I joined in one English class held at the university in my town. To tell you the truth, I haven’t participated in such a class before. There were a few English masters for me in my past; however, I didn’t think I needed to apply for English classes since I thought there were a lot of things to learn by myself.

Recently, I’ve been thinking I should have many chances to talk with a lot of person, especially English natives. “In this class, I might get such a chance.” thinking like that, I applied.

One of my friends who learns English as well applied for the higher level class, but me, I chose…beginner’s one. I got some reasons of this choice. First of all, I wanted to talk with English natives. That’s what I’m desired to do. Actually, I think it’s much better for Japanese to learn English grammar from Japanese high-leveled teachers than from native, but for me, all I do need now is “talk”, not grammer. There were other higher classes by English native in the university, but sadly…I couldn’t choose them because of my business schedule.

I arrived at the university ahead of time, but I was surprised that most of students were already reaady for the class! “They…are definitely motivated!” the first impression when I entered in the classroom was that.

In Japan, I’ve run of my own other blog in Japanese for about four years. I write many English topics in that blog in Japanese. And highly motivated English learning bloggers around there. Sometimes I feel theirs high motivations are not so good for growing of English. They…try to achieve their perfect style on English so much that they seem to have some…FEAR…for faults, mistakes, or embarrassment. “My English pronunciations and accents are not so good, so I can’t speak English.” “My English writing skills are quite bad, so I can’t write English articles.” “The most important thing is what contents you have in your topics more than pronounciations in English.” a lot of things (should I say it, ‘excuse’?) stand in front of us. I…I believe…the most important thing is TO START EXPRESSING SOMETHING in English. No problem even if it’s every little thing in your life. Don’t think, just express. That’s what I think I need on English at first.

Every students in that class had that. Actually, their grammar skills, pronunciations and accents in English and topics themselves were not so good. (ofcourse including me) But…the faces of them…were truly shining! I felt my choise of class was right.

This time, I’ll write one topic talked in the class. It’s about memory. Last class, we learned how to use “used to”. In my textbook, it suggests that I should make one topic on my memory. I’ll try it.

A person I used to know…
1. Who do you remember?

One girl.

2. When did you know this person?

I met her when I was a junior high school student.

3. What do you remember about the person?

Well…In Japan, there is one system on school lunch called “kyuushoku”. A few students from each class have to go to the school lunch room and deliver foods to their own classrooms. When I was waiting for my turn in front of the school lunch room in line, one senior girl tried to talk to one girl in front of me. I was so shocked her face turning around! She was older than me, however, so beautiful… The love at first sight had just started.

After she graduated, I had to talk with my teacher about what high school I should enter. “My teacher…I wanna go to the A high school!” I said it to my teacher. He had been sure that I wanted to go to the B high school, which was much higher than the A school, so he was surprised. “How come you want that school? You got higher grades in this school, so you can get other better high school. Why?” he asked me. “My love…ofcourse it’s one-way love… she is there!” I seriously answered.

“Hey, HoneyPotter…There are plenty more fish in the sea. Don’t decide which the way you go with such a reason!” he taught me, smiling.

After that, I decided to go to the B high school because I wanted to play the guitar there. Her face turning around in the school lunch room and my teacher’s words…were my nostalgic memory.

4. When was the last time you saw this person?

I met her again when I was a high school student, in the first grade. She was never changed. I heard from my friends that she was so famous for her beauty. Many male students tried to approach her. Now that she got married with someone and has babies.

It’s the story twenty years ago… ummmmm… it’s quite…embarrassing! Last year…I looked up her name in the reunion directory….hihihi She must be happy, I believe.

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It’s already over…but I’ll try to write it….about “Golden Week”

I was so touched that Kpinkcat left his comment in my blog! In his comment, he suggested that I should write an article on Golden Week, so I’ll try to do it although it’s already over. As a matter of fact, a year ago, I already wrote it, but I think I can write better than before with further information.

Who used this “Golden Week” words first? I checked it on the Internet. We have one law called “Shukujitu-hou”(means Natinal Holiday Law), which symbolizes National Holiday. I just took for granted that “Golden Week” was made in the law, but the truth is far away from my guess.

Daiei, which is the film company (Kadokawa Eiga’s predecessor), was actually the first organization which used “Golden Week”, not the government. “Golden Week” initially was indicated the term from April 29th to May 5th. During this term, Daiei got overwhelmed film sales in 1951. After that, Daiei started calling this term “Golden Week”. “Golden Week” eventually became the common phrase between us.

Now that we can enjoy this term longer than ever because of amended National Holiday Law. Because of recent recession, a lot of people were forced to take long holidays during this term. I heard that some people got sixteen days as holiday in this term. “I got a big holiday, however, my salary has just been quite lower… Where should I take my family with this lower salary?” I read such a phrase in the newspaper.

I…don’t go anywhere in this term every time. First of all, I have a lot of things to do in this term, such as making bills for the general meeings of my clients and learning English. Second, I don’t like crowded places so much. On the way to the destination, I have to endure a heavy traffic on the highway. (As you know, I’m crazy for fast driving. You know it since I love RX-7) After I arrive at the destination, there must be a loooooooooooooot of sightseers! I can’t stand it!

In addition to these reasons, this year, our fuckin’ hey-is-your-political-policy-ok prime minister Asoh, proclaimed the economical action against this recession. One of these his actions, you can drive anywhere on the highway until you got out with only 1,000 yen as a charge. This action can be allowed only on Saturday, Sunday and in holidays.

Look at this photo… if I was forced to be there, I couldn’t help being irritated!



They…seem to be in the movies… like running away from Gozzila or something! …hihihi

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I’m proud of Japanese Animations

May 3, 2009 2 comments

It’s the Golden Week in Japan now. Some people travel a lot of countries, some people come back to their home town all the way to see their parents.

Me, my Golden Week…is just a holiday… not Golden Week, but Generative Week. There are a lot of things to do for me, such as working, learning English. I have a plan to have one exam on English in June, so I’m preparing for it now.

During working and learing, I just watched one animation for relax. Do you know “Nodame Cantabile”? It’s one of love stories, featuring classic music. Nodame, who is a girl studying a piano in a music college, met a great, handsome and genious guy and grew herself.

I don’t know classical music so much; however I love music. (As you know, I already wrote it in this blog when I was in band ) So I just know the ecstasy when the sound people play can get harmonies. You can feel the bunch of sound with all of your body when you get the harmonies.

“Nodame” was a very interesting animation, I thought. As a matter of fact, I love Japanese Animations. I’m proud of them. Deeply made plots, variety characters, details…many atractive points you can see from Japanese Animations.

Japanese Animations run through all over the world. It’s already our prominent and proud category. A lot of people all over the world love Japanese Animations. I’m so glad that. Every year, the cosplay competition is held in Japan. Next time, I want to go and see it.

Should there’s any chances, I will introduce as many Japanese animations as possible in this blog.

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