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Funny Dreams Chapter 5…”Why me?”

January 20, 2010 2 comments

(These articles in this category are just a fictional story I had in my dream. The character, H.P., indicates me.)


Do you know Mika Nakashima? She is a Japanese female singer, who sings a theme song of the movie, ‘sayonara itsuka which is being screened this Saturday. I don’t know her very much because I have myself in only English songs. Actually, Chiharu Niiyama, the lady acted(?) in my past dream, I WAS her fan. Mika Nakashima, on the contrary, for me, is just a famous person and singer. I’ve heard her songs before, especially her ballads sung at karaoke bar by female customers, not herself lol. That’s all.

-The Funny Dream-

H.P. was standing at the lobby in the hotel along the seaside. Given the room key, H.P. turned around and strode toward the elevator hall. Both of the lobby and the hallway got a luxurious ornaments overall and that made H.P. excited. ‘Anyway, I wanna change my clothes and relax.’ thinking about it, he stood in front of the door of the elevator and waited for it descending.

Ding-dong, the sound abruptly rung above H.P.’s head and he looked up at the door. One lady’s face were waiting for H.P.’s eyes. He stood so close to the door. ‘Wow, excuse…’, H.P. lost his words. The lady standing in the elevator was Mika Nakashima. He had never thought he could get a chance to see talents like her in such a place. He wondered what words he should say, standing in front of the door. ‘How about “Give me your autograph”? Ummm…actually I don’t know her so much.’ while such words were flying in his brain, he thought she passed through himself. However, she also gazed H.P. and kept standing in the elevator. H.P. eventually didn’t get what he should do, and tried to get in the elevator with only this phrase, ‘Excuse me?’ She only said ‘Uh…Yes’ and left the elevator, keeping turning around and looking at H.P.’s face. ‘Ummm…how come she kept gazing such a long time? I have so funny and strange face?’ looking at the indicator of floor, H.P. thought about it.

H.P. got out of the hotel and was taking a walk along the seaside after he changed his clothes. The scent of the sea embraced him heartily. ‘I was right. My choice was right.’ Sea gulls flying above him, many kinds of sounds from the sea, H.P. didn’t need to think about anything ordinary.

‘Hello, Mr…’ H.P. heard a voice from his back. That was Mika Nakashima‘s one. ‘Me?’ H.P. threw his question back for her. ‘Yes, you…’ said She. ‘Yes? Um…May I help you?’ H.P. didn’t know what to say as well as the time he met her at the elevator. ‘Yeah, could you…could you give me a time for…tea or something?’ said She with some hesitation. ‘With me? Yeah, ofcourse! As you see, I’m just walking.’ said H.P. with his smile.

They dropped by a coffee shop and took seats which they could get the ocean view. There were just a few customers in the shop and no one but waitresses noticed who Mika Nakashima was. Mika Nakashima didn’t seem to care about it. H.P. was the one who would rather did. ‘Are you OK with me? I mean…you have a lot of…people…um…I mean…paparazzi or something?’ She laughed with his words and said, ‘It’s OK. Never mind.’

Small talk went on. H.P. got a little bit nervous for a while, but he at last got relaxed. One of her famous songs, yuki no hana was played in the radio by chance when they talked up.

(The lady featured in this film is Haruka Ayase, not Mika Nakashima. Please enjoy the song.)

‘Oh, you know this song?’ said She. ‘Sorry, only a part of it. I know only the covered song Eric Martin songs.’ said H.P. ‘Too bad…’ She showed disappointed atmosphere to H.P. but started singing, like whisper. H.P. closed his eyes and listened to her whisper. Even whisper, tiny voices, she was a professional singer. Her voice harmonically reached H.P. After finished singing, she repeated, stressed the third chorus and said to me, ‘What do you think of me?’ H.P. didn’t know what exactly she meant…and said…

‘Why me?’

The dream was just over and I woke up. The very words I said to myself after I woke up.

‘Why me? And why you?’

As I wrote at the first paragraph, I don’t know her so much. I really don’t. Anyway, she is the very one who wants to say ‘Why me? And why you?’…lol

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